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No matter the size, industry, age or location of your business, one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle is a solid strategic foundation. That’s why Times-Shamrock Communications offers a full suite of resources to strengthen your efforts every step of the way. From customer profiling to market analysis, media planning to custom creative design, and results tracking to effectiveness research, Times-Shamrock Communications delivers the services and insights you need to succeed.

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We are in markets all over the country including Scranton, Milwaukee and Baltimore, with enviable reach through print, outdoor, broadcast, creative services and online. Our reach is extended even more with national partnerships such as Google and the Local Media Consortium. Our products are top-notch but it’s our service and solution-minded intellectual capital that sets us apart.

Family Tradition

Behind the success of today’s Times-Shamrock is a century of family tradition. EJ Lynett purchased The Scranton Times in 1895 and transformed it into one of the nation’s most respected newspapers. His commitment to progress was never limited to the printed word and in 1922, he helped establish the pioneer radio station, WEJL.

Corporate Profile

Behind the success of today’s Times-Shamrock Communications is over a century of family tradition — a tradition of progress born of E.J. Lynett, who, in 1895 combined his love of journalism with his exceptional foresight to build the solid foundation of today’s media company.
To ensure that his standards of excellence would not be lost in future generations, E.J. Lynett personally schooled his children in the business and profession. When he died in 1943, William R., Edward J. and Elizabeth R. Lynett took the helm of what would become the Times-Shamrock flagship. Under Edward J. Lynett’s guidance as publisher, The Scranton Times earned national recognition with a 1945 Pulitzer Prize.
From 1891 to 1990, The Times’ strongest daily competition had been the morning Scranton Tribune. When it and its Sunday paper The Scrantonian ceased publication, The Times purchased their nameplates and continued the morning paper, serving readers who were accustomed to a two-newspaper city.

The publishers’ devotion to progress and the community’s needs became evident on June 27, 2005, when, after more than 250 years of combined service recording the region’s life and times, Scranton’s two newspapers became one—The Times-Tribune. The transition to a single morning newspaper came after investing more than $6 million in newsroom and printing plant technology and equipment.
In addition to The Times-Tribune and the Standard-Speaker, which Times-Shamrock purchased on May 1, 2007, the company owns The Citizens’ Voice of Wilkes-Barre and the Republican Herald of Pottsville.
The Voice was founded in October 1978 by newspaper employees in Wilkes-Barre who sought working conditions better than those offered at the Wilkes-Barre Publishing Co. On May 1, 2000, its employee shareholder-owners sold the newspaper to The Scranton Times.
The Pottsville newspaper, founded in 1884, serves Schuylkill County and surrounding areas.  It was purchased by Times-Shamrock in 2003 and made the move from an afternoon newspaper to a morning edition a year later.
In 2023, the newspaper division was sold so Times-Shamrock could focus on the rapidly growing radio and billboard industries.

Today, the broad-based media company has over ten radio stations in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Baltimore, and Milwaukee markets, a dozen websites,  and a billboard company.
Times-Shamrock’s radio stations and websites have a combined total weekly audience of over 1 million listeners, and its  radio stations reach more than 500,000 Northeastern Pennsylvania readers/listeners each month.

Jim Loftus – Chief Executive Officer

Jim Loftus began his career in radio as an On-Air personality in Northeastern PA in 1977. He is the CEO of Times-Shamrock Communications, based in Scranton.

 Jim says his first radio job interview was at Rock 107 in 1977, during his senior year in high school. He didn’t get the job but returned in 1997 as the GM and soon became the company’s COO. Times-Shamrock owns radio stations in Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Shamrock Outdoor in NEPA.

Before that, he was the COO of 7 Mountains Media, operating over 150 radio signals in 14 markets across PA and NY. In 2015, he became the president and CEO of WBEB- B101/Philadelphia. Jim spent over ten years as a vice president with CBS Radio in Philadelphia, serving as the general manager of WOGL and WYSP and sales director for their six-station cluster and CBS Philly.com.

For nine years, he was Chief Operating Officer of Times-Shamrock Communications. Earlier in his career, Jim was the VP/GM for Susquehanna Radio’s five stations in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and the Director of Sales at Power 99 FM/ WUSL and Famous 56/WFIL in Philadelphia. Jim is on the board of the PAB and a board member at St. Mary’s Villa Senior Care Campus in Elmhurst, PA.

He taught communications at Temple University for 16 years. Jim is a 1981 Marywood College graduate with a Communication Arts degree.

He and his wife Renee have an adult daughter, Riley, and reside at Moosic Lakes in NEPA.


Scott Brickel – Chief Financial Officer

Scott Brickel has been Chief Financial Officer at Times-Shamrock Communications since May 2019. As Chief Financial Officer, Scott is responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and controlling all finance-related activities for the Company. Scott has over 25 years of experience with various manufacturing companies in the Scranton area.

Before joining the Company, Scott was Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer at DeLuxe Building Solutions, Inc., a modular construction company start-up offering integrated systems for designing, fabricating & assembling steel-framed, volumetric modular units. Preceding his time at DeLuxe, Scott was Chief Executive Officer at Olympia Chimney Supply Inc., providing executive leadership and direction to financial stewardship initiatives within a $25M Private Equity-backed manufacturer of stainless steel chimney liners, chimney systems, and accessories. Scott began his career in public accounting with Parente Randolph (now Baker Tilly). He held executive management positions with Warren Diamond Powder Co., FiNet Technologies, Panel Prints, Inc., and Tammac Holdings Corporation.

Scott holds a BS in accounting from Lycoming College and an MBA from the University of Scranton.


On May 28, 2024, Southern Belle, LLC, licensee of WLGD, 107.7 FM, Dallas, Pennsylvania, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for assignment of the station’s license to Times Shamrock Media, L.P.  Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions can visit  www.fcc.gov/stationsearch  and search in the list of WLGD’s filed applications.

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Radio is an efficient, targeted advertising medium and Shamrock Communications has some of the most popular stations in their markets.



Times-Shamrock’s suite of digital products and solutions includes award-winning websites, and national partnerships.



Times-Shamrock Outdoor maintains an ever-growing presence in the Lackawanna, Luzerne and Schuylkill County markets with boards in some of the most high traffic areas in the region.

Learn About Digital Advertising

With our portfolio of Websites, Times-Shamrock Digital is the market’s most trusted source for comprehensive coverage of local news, sports, and entertainment. Our radio websites currently reach hundreds of thousands of monthly users and collect more than 1 million monthly page views.
This tremendous reach, along with tools like video and mobile advertising, makes Times-Shamrock’s suite of Websites the ultimate source for ad targeting, results, and value.

Shamrock Communications, Inc.

Shamrock Communications, Inc. delivers huge audiences in Scranton, Baltimore and Milwaukee. Radio advertising is an efficient, targeted medium and our radio stations’ reach in their respective markets can help your business.

Reach Northeastern Pennsylvania listening audiences through Rock107, QFM 92.1 and ESPN Radio. Reach Baltimore’s core market through The Bay.

Times-Shamrock Outdoor

Times-Shamrock Outdoor maintains an ever-growing presence in the Lackawanna, Luzerne, and  Schuylkill County markets with boards in some of the highest traffic areas in the region.

Why Times-Shamrock Outdoor? As part of a multi-media giant in the region, TSO presents unique opportunities for multiplatform advertising. Times-Shamrock makes combining outdoor with print and radio easy, affordable, and tailor-made to the audience you need to reach. Our new digital boards allow for dynamic and creative campaigns across NEPA. Our boards have over 20,000 impressions a day, reaching consumers 24/7

By the numbers

Times-Shamrock Digital, with our portfolio of Web sites, is the markets’ most trusted source for comprehensive coverage of local news, sports and entertainment. This tremendous reach, along with tools like video and mobile advertising makes Times-Shamrock’s suite of Web sites the ultimate source for ad targeting, tracking and value.

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The increase in sales were probably the biggest, that made me the happiest. The publicity that we’ve received from customers coming in, old friends that I would see in the street saying that they’ve heard our ads, it’s just over and over and over again.

Jim Cadden / Cadden Brothers

The main advantages are that we’ve done other forms of advertising but we’ve not ventured into radio, now we’re exposed to the new market and that’s been very helpful.

Paul Mackarey / Mackarey and Mackarey Physical Therapy

The people who are connected with this radio station can’t be any nicer and particularly our personal salesperson really understood our history, understood why we do we do.

Jean Manning / Mannings Farm Dairy

By the numbers

Times-Shamrock radio fits every demographic. Radio is an efficient, targeted advertising medium and Shamrock Communications has some of the most popular stations in their markets.

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